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*~*Cause it's all about sex*~*

Sensual fantasies
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Welcome to sensualitas!!

This is a community about sexual fantasies. We are interested to what you dream of that has to do with sex, what your fantasies are. Not what you have truly experienced, not what you have done in real life.

Share your fantasies in the ultimate sexual fantasy community!

Some suggestions
1) The community is for adults only. Please do not join unless you are at least 18 years old!

2) Comment to the fantasies you read so that you encourage the writer to share more of his/her fantasies.

3) Always (and I mean always) put everything under an lj-cut. Let’s try not to fill the people’s friends-pages.
What you are allowed to place outside the lj-cut is the rating of your post and a small 30-50 word summary, the content of which should not be explicit, but quite descriptive of what people will find in your post. Very important: You should also post warnings outside of the lj-cut when it comes to non-con and things that may disturb people.

4) Pictures are allowed (under the lj-cut as well) as long as they have something to do with your story, the fantasy you are describing. If they are totally irrelevant you will be asked to delete them. The rating of the pics is your responsibility, but you should state that pictures are included and what the rating of the pictures is.

5) That's all! Please stick to the subject and let’s everybody here have a good time! ;)